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Lamar Wright

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Lamar Wright Jogador Norte-Americano 

What advice would you give to a young player to be able to succeed this to play out of their country

work on your weaknesses, network with players,agents,coaches,and teams directly...prepare for the ups and downs and keep believing even when people who are close to you don't..

How many years of basketball practice
18 years
What is your golden season
Freshmen year of college we went 18-2 won our conference and made it to the NCAA's
The most emotional moment in your career
Playing in my last college game realizing that my college career was over...
And the saddest
I scored my 1000point in college 4days after my mother lost her battle with cancer..
What is your favorite Cub
LA Lakers
The best Trainer
Phil Jackson 
What memories of the Portuguese Teams where you  played ?
There were teams who had good players and there were good teams but they all played hard and with pride..
What quality players had as opponents in Portugal ?
I have respect for all my opponents but there were two players that stuck out...Joao Reveles and  Joao Abreu they were leaders on there did it by communicating the other by his actions making plays or hitting shots when they needed it..
What was your best game in Portugal ?
From a points perspective I'd say Sangalhos I had 37 in that game I'd say best all around game would be against Benfica I had 25pts 6rebs and 5ast 3stls
And your best trainer ?
Rob Kurzinsky/ Dhalip Bhatia
You won any trophy in your Career ?
Not yet as a professional 
You have some friends in Portugal ?
Yes many of them I hope to keep as lifelong friends 
The game you never forget
My sophomore yr of college we were playing the #13 team in the country I has 1 point at the half and my coach was very angry. With 12 mins left in the game I went off for 31 pts and we won the game..
On a personal level
Who are you
I'm a brother,uncle,grandson ,nephew who wants to Inspire others to live out there dreams whatever they are...I truly believe happiness is doing what you love to do 
What do you do when you are not playing- I'm a skill development trainer I work with pro players all the way down to beginners. I work with them to polish there strengths and build up there weaknesses to be a better more complete player. I accomplish this by first asking what there goals are then taking an assessment of there skill set then I put together a comprehensive plan to reach our goal.I started a company called Basketball Empire we do camps clinics coaches clinics to show young players how to get betters and to show coaches how to be better teachers of the game...I actually got an opportunity while I was there in Portugal to do a camp for the kids of Angrabasket it was sooo much fun.
How was your youth
Absolutely amazing I got to travel a lot playing basketball and at one time I was going to just focus on American Football but I'm glad I chose to stick with hoops.
How do you imagine in old age
Doing speaking engagements at camps around the world in order to motivate others to be as a consultant for NBA teams colleges or European teams who are looking for players and coaches.
A dream
I'm living my dream
The perfect meal
I'd say my Dads lasagna with his chicken Cesar salad simply amazing! 
Dream trip
I want to see the pyramids,Vatican,and the Taj Mahal that would be a dream trip...
A thought
What's your Why ? 
An idol
Robin Elaine Wright (My mom)
The question that remains to be done in this interview
What has basketball done for you as a person?
Concluding Remarks
I'd like to thank Fernando Borges for this opportunity, also I'd like to thank the organization of Angrabasket, my family, my friends, and my Basketball Empire family, 
Fernando Borges
05 2013

Informação Adicional

  • Nome: Lamar Wright
  • Função: Jogador
  • Nacionalidade: Americana
  • Data de Nascimento: 1985-08-10
  • Clube: Angra Basket
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